About Us

Infobahn Solutions is a SBA self-certified Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) providing business focused and IT enabled Solutions to government and commercial customers. We are a leading-edge Information Management and Agile Analytics Services company committed to delivering agile and tailored enterprise solutions by leveraging industry best practices and the latest technology innovations.

Agencies invest heavily in their traditional Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence environments but struggle to quickly respond to evolving business questions that requires analysis of larger and more varied sources of data. The need for Federal agencies to respond at greater speeds to more complicated and data intensive requests is also a result of new legislative and regulatory policies.

In addition, agencies need to maximize the value of their budget by incorporating innovation and modern technologies to deliver their vision and improve response times.

New volumes, varieties, and velocities of structured and unstructured data further challenge the ability of existing government technology. Even amidst budget constraints and legislative challenges, Big Data and modernized data architectures provide new ways for agencies to address issues and meet mission objectives. Infobahn’s approach to Data Analytics and Modern Data Management includes a framework, methodology, and tools to help agencies and private organization’s increase the speed of answers to action while aiding the modernization effort. Infobahn’s emphasis is on connecting people, processes, and technology, and providing organizations with the tools and confidence to discover, explore, and deliver analytics across the enterprise.


Implementation Partner